Friday, December 16, 2011

A Time Of Spiritual Rebirth

-Unity consciousness is at it's highest peak during the Christmas season because it is an extraordinary time of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves and others. -

For most of us Christmas is one of the most challenging times of the year, because it's a time, whether we are consciously aware of it not, when we undergo a huge inner spiritual cleansing and life transformation.

It's not uncommon during this time of year to deeply reflect on what we feel we have or haven't accomplished in our lives and for many of us, we can often feel overstretched, unaccomplished and underappreciated because it is a time when we check -in and grade our overall personal growth.

But Christmas is not about scrutinizing how much you do or don't have in your bank account, who you do or don't have in your life and it's definitely not about becoming an ultra-consumer.

Christmas is about accepting and loving who you are right now and honoring your personal journey.

It is a time to forgive yourself and others and it's a time to embody the meaning of 'Christ' in Christmas, regardless of your personal beliefs or religion because the word:'Christ' translated simply means 'unity' or 'oneness'.

As students in life, we can choose to use this extraordinary time of the year to forgive past hurts. We can choose to focus on love and compassion and we can choose to allow ourselves to be truly thankful for the experience of life itself and the journey we have thus far been graced to live.

There is no greater gift that one can buy which is more precious than your life. Your life is the miracle of Christmas! It is the closing of one chapter in your story and literally the beginning of a new one.

So in this sense, Christmas is profoundly and powerfully magical because it's one of the only times during the year when we are forced to directly look at our perceived shortcomings and realize what truly matters to us the most. The gift of life itself.

Merry Christmas readers! And congratulations on accepting and respecting your personal journey through life this year!!!


  1. Thank you... I always get down at this time of year. And I always have been that way since the age of 12. I was not sure why up until this point. Everything you said makes sense. Sharice you're a true treasure. Happy Holidays.

  2. Thank you for taking time to stop by River! I'm so Thankful to have you stop by! It's not surprising that you feel down this time of the year, it's actually quite natural to be honest. If you spend anytime in nature, you'll notice the trees are down and the weather is more turbulent. Winter is literally a time of deep reflection of inner change. We are at a new crossroad of change again, River. We would like to be up all the time but without the downs there would be no ups. It's great to meet another soul whose so in tune with life! Thanks again for stopping by! You are appreciated! And Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!:)