Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Ode to 2011

By Sharice Harris

“Let us move into the New Year with Dignity and Grace as we learn to accept how bitter sweet letting go of the past can be.”

As another cycle of precious time comes to a closing, we now find that we are faced with two choices: To gracefully move forward or to hold onto what could or should have been.

Walking along the soft and billowy sea shore, I spent the last few days of 2011 reflecting back on all of the profound changes which occurred and it was during my silent moment of reflection that it dawned on me that I had fallen in love with this year.

For me 2011 was a year of living miracles which seemed to flow into my life on a weekly basis and as I looked back feeling gratitude well up in my eyes, I couldn’t help but ask life: "What can I give back to you that is as great as what you have given me?"

That’s when I heard the words: 'Live everyday of your life in Mindful Thankfulness'. So, I gave back to life what I could, a list of reasons why I was and am so Thankful. I sat down on the shoreline, watched the waves rush in and poured out innumerable reasons. When I was done writing them all down, I picked up a piece of bamboo lying nearby and wrote in the sand one of my favorite affirmations by Louise L. Hay: “I forgive and totally release the past and all past experiences, and I am free.” No sooner had I finished writing the last letter, a wave came and swept my words away.

-Making New Year Resolutions Which Make Your Soul Smile-

If you are like most people, you may fall into the habit of making New Year Resolutions that you know you will never keep. Most of our New Year Resolutions often fall short simply because many of them are not soul based resolutions. To welcome the New Year with the Love and Respect it deserves, I decided to keep it simple, sweet and to stick to promises I know I can keep. So I came up with 3 New Year Resolutions that I know will bring greater Love into my life and positively affect the world around me!

My New Year Resolution List

1.) This New Year I will Enjoy as many Sunrises and Sunsets as possible!

The Natural Phenomenon of Sunrises:

If you are going through a particularly low energetic phase, you might want to make one of your New Year Resolutions to enjoy as many sunrises and sunsets as possible! Why? Because sunrises energize our soul's higher purpose in life, which is to live in harmony. Each day when the sun rises it carries within it a wise agenda that vibrationally and positively infuses our day with the unified and loving guidance we seek. Those who prioritize a mindful connection between themselves and life first are often pleasantly surprised to find out how much more energy life graces them with and how much more they get done! Meeting a sunrise is a very personal way of connecting with all of life and moreover it directly tells life that you are excited and Thankful for being able to live another day!

The Beautiful Strength of Sunsets:

This year there will be good days, great days, fantastic days and then there will be days when you reflect back on all of the above. Without this delicate fluctuation in life, we would never know what a great day was! Making impossible New Year Resolutions like this year is going to be better than the last year often puts you in a position of 'hoping' rather than knowing. However, I have discovered as many of you have, that there is a peaceful soothing strength at sunsets which allow us to sigh and make it through the toughest of times. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable position which you would rather not be in, mindfully allow yourself to give those feelings to the sunset. Sunsets have a powerful way of easing us into the wisdom that those times too will pass.

2.) Laugh More!

On my way back home from the sea, I decided to take a small path along the riverside and that's when I spotted a school of ducks leisurely wade by, honking in what seemed to be a comical tone! And it was during that moment that I couldn’t help but join in on the fun! Now to most people the sight of a lone woman laughing at a group of honking ducks strolling by might seem a bit odd but I couldn't help it, those ducks were funny! And that’s when I came up with New Year Resolution # 2

Now if you are wondering how any of these New Year Resolutions correspond to earning more money or even finding the love of your life, try looking at them from your soul’s perspective. You can’t take money with you when you die right? And when you pass away you are nearly guaranteed to exit by yourself. So what is really important? What is it all about?

When we stop forcing our desired material outcomes to occur, life has an incredibly powerful way of miraculously gifting us with exactly what we want and need. When we appreciate as many moments as possible and genuinely enjoy what life has given us thus far, we revel in how beautiful our Earth already is and occasionally you even try to mimic it! Remember the saying that the highest form of flattery is imitation? Well, that led me to my New Year Resolution # 3

3.) Romance!

Come on! Don't be surprised! It's everywhere in nature! That's why I get so confused when I hear that someone is looking to experience it with another person. O.k., now when most people think of romance it usually involves someone else, but did you know that you can experience romance anywhere at anytime? It's true! I have had more romantic experiences by myself than with any partner and to be honest, being in Love with life makes you a more attractive person and it enhances your relationship with your significant other. Our first relationship is with life and since romance is based on fondness and intimacy, we are capable of achieving a high level of romance anytime we choose to appreciate our present moments! Whatever they may be! When we live in the present moment, we come to see how beautifully perfect everything around us already is. And it doesn't matter who you are or where you live, everyone is capable of falling in Love with their life.

So fellow soul travelers! What are your New Year Resolutions? And why did you choose them? How do you feel they will improve the story of your life? :) I would LOVE to hear from you!

Wishing ALL of you beautiful souls a "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"


  1. I love this Sharice! <3 Happy New Year beautiful woman!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Lesley! I am glad you enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you to Love!:)