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What Gives You Energy? by Kelly Howell

What Gives You Energy? by Kelly Howell originally posted Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 11:45pm.

Do you ever notice how some things give you energy, and others suck you dry?

I didn't pay much attention to this obvious distinction until recently. It crept up on me without my even realizing it, that is, until it hit me over the head like a baseball bat.

I was on fire, swept into a creative vortex, working on a series of new Brain Sync programs, building the new Brain Sync website, conducting interviews for Theatre of the Mind podcasts. And even making free downloads to recharge our weary brains.

But then, something changed. Everything I tried to do seemed fraught with obstacles.

Why had even the simplest things become an uphill battle?

So I began asking, what is that secret something that makes everything fall into place? What makes flow and synchronicity happen?

While reading the book "Wealth from Within" by Lori Culwell, I got the answer. It’s ENERGY! Not the kind of adrenaline rush energy you get from a double espresso, but the stimulating, positive energy that comes from people, ideas and activities that fill you with a sense of inspiration and euphoria.

Good things happen when you FEEL GOOD! If your tank is empty, even basic everyday things become funky and annoying, like burning dinner!

Here's what I did to raise my vibration and get back into the Flow. Do this everyday for a week and you’ll get your Mojo on. The more positive energy you can build up, the sooner you’ll notice flow and synchronicity moving your life in the direction you want.

Step 1- Start noticing who and what gives you energy, and what drains you. This in itself is enlightening. You might be draining your Mojo without even realizing it. Immersing yourself in horrible news drains your energy. Mindless web surfing drains your energy. Dwelling on what’s wrong with the world; your life; or other people’s problems drains your energy. Even doing the same things day in and day out can drain your energy.

Step 2- Eliminate all unnecessary and extraneous energy drains. You know who and what they are. Of course there are always going to be people you love that need your help, attention and energy. Counterbalance unavoidable tank drainers with people and activities that replenish your supply.

Step 3- Start your day with the intention of doing 3 simple/ easy things that make you feel good and do them. These can be very sweet and satisfying things like listening to music, getting out in nature, connecting with new people, cooking dinner with friends.

And, if you can add one especially fun activity into your schedule each week, you’ll boost your energy much faster. Try something new. Novelty is good for your brain; it releases endorphins, causes mild euphoria and increases your energy supply.

Written By Kelly Howell

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  1. It can take us a long time to learn what energizes us and what depletes us. I find it critcal to start the day slowly, mindfully, gently. No radio, not tv, and absolutely no internet or email.
    Nothing like starting the day mindfully drinking a coffee then meditating. A great start to an energized day.
    Great article Kelly.