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-Our 5 senses are like the tip of an iceberg. We seem to be conscious of 10% but the other 90% of our knowledge is submerged.-

As much as many people would like to admit that they know it all, we don’t! We are still learning bits and fragments about ourselves and our world as we move along this time and space reality. We are searching for answers to questions many of us don’t fully understand and without even realizing it, many of us have overlooked one of our largest and most precious commodities: Realizing who we wholly are past our five physical sense perceptions.  

There is so much about this time and space reality that still doesn’t make complete sense and perhaps that’s why when we loose someone we Love, we are often left with a feeling of emptiness and confusion rather than wholeness and a sense of true knowingness.We find ourselves asking questions such as: Where did that person really go? Why can't we see where they went? And if this is really living, then why does death exist? 

Wouldn’t real life be eternal or infinite? How can this be the whole truth of reality when there are still so many things in this reality that so many of us still can’t explain? Surely if we were all knowing and truly as 'intelligent' as we claim then we would know all of the answers to these questions and more!

Scientist have been claiming for the last decade that their discoveries about science and the nature of  the universe is holographic and more like fiction than science. To make matters even more interesting, I’ve been curiously piecing together some new senses or extraordinary sensory phenomenon (ESP) which has occurred on my own personal journey through life. Experiences which flew past learned logical intelligence and left me wondering why we were ignorantly taught to believe that we only had 5 senses.

This blog post in particular will be an ongoing discussion as I aim to go deeper into where, who, how and why such information was covered up and even burned right here in Spain, information which unfortunately cost so many well meaning people who knew these invaluable truths their very lives! However, humanity did not consciously desire to become dual, no one wants to be lost from their true nature of wholeness. 

My first recollection of any extrasensory phenomenon occurred while I was still young girl. This incident was the first 'strange' or unknown event which I could consciously remember of and it happened so quickly and with so much intensity and that I was left feeling awestruck and completely dumb-founded by mysterious wonder.

One night, while absorbing the pages of Albert Einstein’s book: ‘Ideas and Opinions’, all of the words lifted off the pages and went into my mind all at once. There must have been hundreds of words on both of those pages, so you can only imagine how amazed and in shock I was when I realized what had just happened!

I immediately jumped up from reading and began screaming for my mother who of course like most loving mothers assured me that I was a genius. Her words were all fine and dandy and it did wonders for my ego but they still didn’t explain what had just happened. 

What that phenomenon did do was leave me wondering why someone would be called a genius simply because something extraordinary and unexplainable happened to them? Had we become so comfortable with 'not knowing' that when one of us experienced a glimpse of broader truth they were labeled a genius? Wouldn’t it just make more sense if we could explain how and why the unexplainable happened?

After years of personal research and studying up on similar cases, I haven’t been able to find any information exactly similiar to what had happened to me that night while reading. You would think that with a search engine like Google which performs more  5,134,000,000 searches each day could at least find ONE result that would explain how I could read all of those words at once. But when it comes to finding out some of the greatest mysteries of life, Google doesn't list those.

What left me even more puzzled was that if I couldn’t find the answer to that mystery, then what else didn’t we know?

The most wonderous fragment of intriguing curiosity which remained with me more than the actual phenomenon itself, was the REALIZATION that we have more gifts than just our fives senses and nobody told us about them! They certainly didn't teach this in school!


-We do not live inside of the world, the world lives inside each and everyone of us- 

And yet the story continues because I’m still on this magnificent mysterious journey! I’ve always sensed that everything exists interconnectedly but for some reason until recently, I really couldn’t explain how.

I’ve always been curious about the mind, body and soul connection which bears striking similiarities to the trinity: 'The father, the son and the holy spirit' or more modernly known as: science, religion and spirituality; And I strongly believe that for the very reason this whole knowledge would present, information about the nature of our true reality, we've watched them fight it out, disrespect, distance themselves and debunk each other for years because it is this exact formula which bears such profound truths, truths that could prove more knowledge than our human brains could rationalize .

Like three sisters they even spy on each other for tips and secrets because they know whether they choose to admit it publicly or not that on some more profoundly intrinsic level, each of them hold elements of universal truths.

Perhaps so many mysteries have yet to be unveiled because of the dual nature or division which has co-existed between these three bickering sisters for far too long! To be honest, until these three align with a sincere and common interest to serve and protect humanities right to consciously seek evolution and expand our true nature of our divine all knowingess, we won't be able to finally understand what we are fighting for or why so much turmoil has continued to exist within our very planet. 

On one hand we have religion denying anything remotely similar to science and on the other you have many people within the scientific community doing everything they can to distance themselves away from spiritualist who have valauble information yet tend to be generalized as 'wackos' by the benumbed masses.

However, now for the first time ever due to the spread of freely shared technological advancements, the three bickering sisters: science, religion and spirituality, or 'The father, the son and the holy spirit' are finally merging and forming a deeper understanding of what it really means to be human or at least dropping more clues about lost, forgotten or hidden information! 


 -Humans are the only species on this planet who have the actual choice and power to act on consciously evolution-

Well, just like the tip of the iceberg which is our conscious mind,  90% of our actual capabilities are still submerged within the subconscious mind or infinite remembrance and perhaps, just perhaps because I started meditating at 5 years old (many kids and adults have extraordinary senses open up who are not even vaguely interested in meditation) I’ve grown used to asking new questions about the unknown. And maybe that’s what we should be doing more of, consciously choosing to expand our infinite awareness because it is our primary birthright as souls having a human experience and it's the key factor which differentiates civilized human capabilities from the animal kingdom.



How Could I be Here and There at The Same Time?

-Within fragments of duality we can only glimpse pieces and traces of what our five senses percieve but our unified whole self, the self that knows eternal life sees everything happening all at once, just like a giant infinite orchestra playing a riveting masterpiece!-

Although the universe is said to be 13.77 billions years old, we still live on a planet where most people would prefer to see things tangibly before they can believe them. The problem with that stance is that if we wait until we see everything before we can have a healthy sense of wonder, we'll  be physically dead by the time science can actually catch up and prove it!

So what’s should you do when something extraordinary occurs and you can't seem the find the answers you need? What do you do if something happens to you that they just didn't teach in school? I found myself asking that exact question and many more one afternoon after a painful incident which occurred in my garden office in Madrid, Spain. 

It’s was definitely one the most strangely interesting events that took place in my life and it left me stupified in awe and curiously full of wonder! While tidying up my school’s files, I happened to bang the innermost  part of my knee against the outermost edge of a wooden garden bench I had backed up against an office wall.
Feeling dizzy, overwhelmed and in excruciating mind numbing pain, I grabbed my knee, cried for my husband and collapsed into a heap the floor. 

All of a sudden, without warning everything I knew turned black and the next time I opened my eyes my I saw my husband sitting on the same wooden bench I originally hit my knee against, calmly asking me what had happened. He then pulled me up next to him where I sat down and began explaining everything.

Where was I?

When I opened my eyes I found myself laying on the hardwood floor and as I began lifting myself up, I simultaneuously began explaining to my husband how I'd hit my knee against the bench and fainted. I thought it was odd that he would have a slight smirk on his face, almost quite skeptical. All of  a sudden, everything around me began vibrating and I began to feel as if something was pulling me by my arm. 

When I had a chance to see what was  happening I realized I was being sucked into a beautifully multi-colored swirling portal where I could actually see swirling masses of colors moving in a clockwise direction but before I could hear myself scream, reach out or do anything at all I was sucked in. When I regained consciousness once again, I found my husband kneeling in front of me this time, instead of sitting on the bench. 

We were still in the same room but this time he had a compassionate worried expression instead of a skeptical smirk on his face but the strangest thing of all was that he was asking me the exact same question he had asked one moment before: ‘What happened’? 

What Happened?

It wasn’t until my husband began asking me what had happened the second time, that I began to ask myself where was I really? Where was that exact duplicate 'reality' I was just in? and why was he asking me the same thing twice? Getting up groggily, confused and now irratated, I mumbled: "Why do you keep asking me what happened? I just told you what happened."

That's when I began to notice immediately that there were two things which were different. 

For starters, the first time I passed out from the pain of hitting my knee, which in my mind was the original time or 'reality', I fell straight away to the floor and collapsed. However when I regained consciousness, I found my husband sitting down on the left hand side of me on the wooden bench staring down at me calmly smirking. 

Yet whilst in the middle of explaining what had happened, I found myself being sucked into a swirling multicolored portal which seemingly captured all sound and light and even my very essence in a very fluid like manner.

The next time I regained consciousness, I found my husband paradoxically kneeling on my right hand side with a bucket of water his hand, looking totally compassionate, not at all with that smirk on his face.
Both realities looked and felt the exact same except in each reality my husband was in a completely different position and had a completely different persona.

After my husband shook me back into this time and space reality and dosed me with a bucket of water, the reality I'm now writing you from, I explained to him how I had just been talking to him and that it all just didn’t make any sense! 

How could I have had a conversation minutes earlier with him while he sat on the bench and later reawakened with him kneeling before me looking very concerned? Where did I go during the time and why did everything in the other time space reality look exactly the same? And why didn't he remember the conversation we had just had moments earlier?  He was right there with me afterall!

If it wasn’t real, then why was my husband in the other reality having a conversation with me? He looked and everything else looked and felt solid and just as real as this reality. And why did my world began to vibrate violently when he brought me back to consciousness with the water? The one where the whole incident originally began? 

Most of  you probably think that parallel realities are pure entertainment but I’ve actually physically, if you can call this physical, gone into one and I was sober as the light of day. 


What would have happened if I never came back to my original reality? Since then, So many other amazing and unexplicable events have occured in my space and time reality. I  don't want anyone to believe in what I'm saying but I do want humanity to start questioning the true nature of what we perecieve to be real.

Would I have kept living in other reality if I had not been consciously brought back to this reality by my husband with the bucket of water? Every since that occurrence, I’ve been left wondering what might have happened if my husband didn’t help me regain consciousness. Woud I have gone on living life as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened? How would I have known?

My husband's immediate response was that he would have died inside and my response back to him was "Well that’s strange because I still would have been with you anyway." Perplexed by how he and I could be in two places at once and also by the fact that he genuinely didn’t see to know anything about the other time and space reality only left me with even more questions. 

How would I have ever known that I had a personal first-hand experience with quantum realities, if I didn’t regain consciousness and enter back into this present time space reality? How? I wouldn't.

When I found myself in the other reality, which we can call the 2nd reality for sake of sanity and clarity, everything seemed just as tangibly real as the first one where I had original hit my leg, where we are now. 

Would I have gone back to rummaging through the file cabinets in the 2nd reality had I stayed? 

How would I have even known that I had just left the 1st reality? 

Would I realize that I had crossed into another time/space dimension? Knowing myself, I would have to answer and say no. 

If I hadn’t been shaken back to the 1st reality, this one, in the here and now, I wouldn’t have even realized any real difference since everything in the 2nd reality looked and felt the same. I wouldn’t have realized that I had even crossed over to another parallel reality! 

What’s your take on this? Have you had a similar experience that was incredibly unexplainable? Please feel free to stop by and share your thoughts, I would love to learn more pieces to this amazing adventurous mysteries puzzle called life!

Lastly, this weeks blog is dedicated to two people I admire so much! 'Albert Einstein' whose views peaked my interest out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary and also to 'Denise Linn' who helped me gather the courage to publish this article which I sat on for 6 months due to fear of what people might think do or say. If it were not for your show 'Shamanic Travel' this week Denise, this article might have been hidden another 6 months!Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! 

Wishing You All Love and Light and Thanks so much for Stopping by!

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